All the participants at the Communication class for press agents of the service industry, ecclesiastical and institutional of the ISSR of Caserta, draw up a list of candidates to the prize for the Giury, which are usually two italian male and two italian female professionists, and a male and a female as foreign candidates or someone who has been singled out as a particularly valuable journalist, public personality or worker in the field of communication that can reperesent the real aim of the award. The number of candidates can be subject to change. The process of screening of the candidates lasts a whole year, in order to allow the students of the Communication class and the delegates of the litterary and creative writing association ‘Scriveremo’, to consider all the background material available on mass madia platforms, and to decide the nominees. Generally by the end of October the Giury decides which candidate merits the prize, choosing two names between the italian nominees, another as foreign candidate, and the last as special merit prize; afterwards the winners gets notified, in order to be present at the cerimony, which takes place in Caserta. The names of the winners are made official a month before the cerimony so that local schools and students can manage to take part in it.

The Giury

The Giury is made up by a representative member of the Assostampa Caserta, the president of the Ucsi of Caserta, the director of social communication office of the episcopate of Caserta, a member of the  Communication class for press agents and a member of the association ‘Scriveremo’. In 2012 the Giury was composed by Michele De Simone, Luigi Ferraiuolo, Michele Tagliafierro, Nicola Lombardi, Valentino Picazio and since 2013 it even includes the participation of a representative member of the Regional Journalists Association. Nowadays  the Giury is made up by  Michele De Simone, Luigi Ferraiuolo, Nicola Lombardi, Ottavio Lucarelli and Valentino Picazio. The Giury has no president, and every judge has the same role and power for decisions. The Honorary Chairman with no right to vote is the bishop monsignor Giovanni D’Alise, and with him other emeritus members like monsgnor Raffaele Nogaro, monsignor Pietro Farina (+2013), monsignor Angelo Spinillo.