The award ‘Buone Notizie – Civitas Casertana’ or best known as the award ‘Buone Notizie’, is the first project in Italy and aboad, that rewards communication professionists for their use of words and information inspite of being dazzled by the sensationlasim or crave for scoops.

The goal of the reward is to promote the importance of a well-balanced and correct information, that could be read and appreciated by the audience thanks to its precision, accuracy, fidelity to the sources and the variety of comments analyzed that deal with the real facts. In a word, a good information that, inspite of catchy titles, describes to people the truth about the ordinary life, quality facts and valuable stories, always reminding all the backgrounds, and the burden that words can take, in order to prevent any kind of slander due to the broadcasting of fake news or political disagreements. The award task is not just to choose the winner for this category of professionists, on the contrary it works everyday and every year to teach and instruct youger generations on how communication should be used and how to controll mass media, in order to not to bend to a misleding information but to adapt them to our needs.