The Award ‘Buone Notizie’ is promoted by the Ucsi (Catholic Association Italian Press) of Caserta, together with the association Assostampa Caserta, the social communication office of the episcopate of Caserta,  the  Communication class for press agents  of the service industry,  ecclesiastical and institutional of the ISSR of Caserta, the association ‘Scriveremo’ and the sponsorship of  the Regional Journalists Association and of the  episcopate of Caserta, that provides a place for the cerimony into the library of episcopate building. The comitee appointed to the organization of the Award is made up by the president of the Assostampa Michele De Simone, the delegate of the Ucsi of Caserta and secretary-general Luigi Ferraiuolo, a member of the Ucs of the episcopate of Caserta, a delegate of the Communication class, a delegate of the association ‘Scriveremo’, and a representative member of the Regional Journalists Association.

Biography Comitee members

Michele De Simone

Journalist and president of the association Assostampa. He worked as assistant editor of the sports section for the paper ‘Il Mattino’ in Naples, and today He is editor-in-chief  in Caserta for the same newpaper. He actually is president of the CONI association of Caserta, and representative member of the journalists union labor. He even works as national conselor for many specialization groups.

Luigi Ferraiuolo

Journalist and president of the Catholic Association Italian Press, the eldest national journalistic association. He is a member of the national council  Catholic Association Italian Press and He worked for Avvenire, Diario della Settimana, il Corriere della Sera/Corriere del Mezzogiorno, L’Espresso, Famiglia Cristiana, Il Mattino di Napoli, Il Sole 24 Ore, and today He is editor for TV2000.